Something’s Not Quite Right



Samples from Mozart: Requiem In D Minor, K 626 – 5. Sequentia: Rex Tremendae Majestatis, A Jim Morrison Interview, and some basic bass and snares. Strange.


How to Combine PDF’s on a Mac using Preview

So I learned something new today!  Decided to add a new category menu as well Technology.  Here’s my first post, really just a link to a very helpful post but none the less…..

From Brian Croxall at The Chronicle of Higher Education, a great way to combine PDF’s using OSX’s Preview.


Freddie Gibbs and Madlib live – $hitsville

Audio very distorted at first but then the music lowers and he does it pretty much acapella.

Can’t wait to see him live in ATL at the Masquerade on April, 19th with Tech N9ne and Krizz Kaliko.

Also Jarren Benton, and the Psych Ward Druggies will be there.  Jarren I have heard and is pretty dope, don’t know about PWD.

EDIT:  Went to the show last night, missed the Psych Ward Druggies due to the huge line, saw the end of Jarren Benton’s set.  But Gibbs set was dope, he loves going acapella and can do it as well, if not better than a lot of rappers out there.